Programs and Activities

IWE offers many programs and activities for our beneficiaries including:

  • Education and Training
  • Technical & Vocational Training
  • Empowering Women, Youth and Children
  • Health
  • IWE Global work in arts & Culture: Literature, Drama, Design, Dance, Visual arts, Film, Music
  • Special Arts & Crafts sessions for IWE Kids
  • Livelihood
  • Children’s welfare & education
  • Children’s reading and writing clubs
  • Environment program
  • Arts and Writing program
  • Happy Kids Program

IWE Workshops for Youth & Adults

IWE provides a number of regular workshops about marketing, leadership, mentorship, starting and management of a small business, capacity and confidence building. This includes issues that affect women such as sexually transmitted diseases, safer sex and female genital mutilation, gender equality, fighting against HIV & AIDS, genocide and its consequences, unwanted pregnancies, drug prevention, family planning, preventing sexually based violence, environmental protection, etc.

IWE Student IWE Student

IWE Annual Festival

IWE organizes an annual festival where we expose our products and offer clothes made during tailoring trainings to vulnerable children, women and refugees.

Summer Camp

Organizing meeting for our donors, volunteers, our friends visiting Rwanda. They will spend 2-3 weeks doing different activities like artistic, creation, drawing, dance with IWE’s beneficiaries.